Australia – Completed


From Perth (Australia) to Sydney (Australia)

(4,489km, Apr 2022 – Aug 2022)


The final continent crossing was Australia. I ran from Cottesloe on the West coast of Perth by the Indian Ocean, to Sydney on the Eastern side by the South Pacific Ocean.

The route involved some long segments of desertic and unpopulated land, and I was glad I had support. James was by my side, driving the campervan and cycling along throughout the crossing.

Australia was supposed to be the 2nd continent crossing of the world-run. The Covid 19 pandemic disrupted the plans and the WRA granted me an exemption, whereby I could “skip” the crossing of Oceania until the borders open again… it had been a long time coming!

On 30th August 2022 I reached the finish line of the 4th continent crossing, the grand-finale of the world run, at the Opera House in Sydney, by the Pacific Ocean.

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