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Who am I & Why run around the world


My Run around the world!

— Welcome to my website

On December 6th 2019 I have started the biggest adventure of my life: a run around the world!

This is an incredibly exciting 2 years journey, of 650 marathons, which I want to share with you.

Here is where I am updating on my progress, sharing the experience of what I see, how it goes – via links to my daily runs GPS records, blog posts, pictures and videos.

This ridiculously long run answers a deep rooted desire to experience the world physically combined with a passion for running and the outdoors.

Running around the world is an expression of my freedom, my joy of being alive as well as an answer to my curiosity and craving for adventure.

I am also committed to support a cause very close to my heart throughout the journey, in the hope it may serve as an inspiration.

Who is Lootie?

— And what’s with all the running!

I am a 42 y-old French woman, amateur runner, hopping around the world for the past 20+ years. I have settled in Scotland, Germany, England, Switzerland, Greece and Singapore, where I live since 2012.

With an academic background in finance and law combined with fluency in 4 languages, I have spent my whole career in foreign countries and cultures.

In 2004, whilst posted on a work assignment in Greece, I met friends who initiated me to windsurfing and running. That same year I watched the Olympic Marathon pass right outside my office and 4 months later ran my first marathon.

I have ventured into long distance running ever since, with an appetite to see the world on my feet (specifically in my running shoes).

A few years ago the idea formed to put my career as a CFO on hold for a few years and hit the road. See it all, first hand, experience the Earth one step at a time!

Why run for Women?

As a woman who grew up in a Western culture in the 80’s and 90’s, I am now enjoying an adult life (mostly) free of gender bias.

I have received an education, carved a successful career for myself and relish a life where every decision I make is my own.

My desires, dreams and decisions are neither dictated, nor restricted by my gender.

I wish this could ring true to every woman, in every corner of the world.

My Grand’Ma has been the most notable influence in my life. She was a strong-minded independent woman who dedicated most of her life to the feminist movement and literature.

Her example taught me determination, curiosity, assertiveness and the confidence to choose my own path.

My Grand'Ma

— An independent mind & dedicated Feminist

Yolande Righetti-Leautey

Yolande Righetti-Leautey

  • Born in 1913, Yolande grew up between Swiss-Italy (Ascona) and France (Paris).
  • She studied Chemistry at Paris Sorbonne University, where she graduated and pursued research work in a laboratory.
  • When WWII broke, her husband was made PoW, she left Paris for the province, where she worked as a primary school teacher.
  • She returned to Paris in 1943 with her young family.
  • In 1964, she became director of the Feminist Library of Paris (Bibliotheque Marguerite Durand).
  • In 1975, International Women’s Year, she organised a popular series of conferences as well as the exhibition on Feminism in Literature, in Paris.
  • A voracious reader and a fierce feminist, she contributed to many pieces of work and research on Feminism until the end of her life.

How many people have run around the World?

In order to “validate” my run as a true “run around the world”, I am following the rules established by the WRA (World Runners Association). The WRA was founded, and is managed by, some of the 6 runners who have run and validated such journeys.

As of today, 6 people have completed a fully documented and validated round-the-world run:

Details of my run

The rules entail running a minimum distance of 26,232km in a continuous direction, crossing a minimum of 4 continents from Ocean to Ocean and finishing the run where it started.

I have elected to run these 26,232km across Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America and North Africa.

My run is mostly solo and unsupported, meaning I carry my equipment throughout the journey. I use the BoB (Beast of Burden) Ironman stroller to carry my camping gear, electronic equipment, food, water and running gear. This represents around 30kg which I will be pushing all the way.

I encourage anyone who wishes to support and contact me to do so, I hope you enjoy the website and the journey!



I set out to run at a pace of roughly 40km per day, taking 1 rest day per week.