From Lausanne (Switzerland) to Bulle (Switzerland)


Another beautiful day in Switzerland, friends on the road and running among majestic landscapes

We left Lausanne early this morning. Stephane would accompany me for a small part of the run: a 9km uphill section out of the city with over 400m+ elevation. Stephane had hurt his calf and was afraid running on it would do more harm than good. We walked to the top of that first big hill and said goodbye. The record of the most kms run by my side is now his with 80km clocked. Not bad at all!

I set out on my own, knowing I would soon get some more company. Another “Stephane” had heard about my journey via the podcast and the article published in “Jogging International”. He had contacted me as he lives in Bulle, where I am heading today. He met me 24kms out of the city and we ran all the way to Bulle on the local cycling paths. It’s always a good thing to run with a local! Stephane is a newby and enthusiast trail runner, aiming at the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail and the Diagonale des Fous, two mythical races. I wish him luck on his journey!

Bulle is a small town, set by a lake, surrounded by tall mountains and ski resorts. It’s also the region where the Gruyere Cheese is made! We ran past one of the factories where the product is made, the town of Gruyeres is nearby and the cheese is produced in the whole Canton of Fribourg. Tomorrow I’ll be running towards Fribourg where I will enjoy a rest day. I have been staying up quite late over the past few days with so many friends to catch up with… I need to catch up on my sleep!


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Here is the map of today’s run: