From Gland (Switzerland) to Lausanne (Switzerland)


Fabulous day on the road, by the stunning Lake Geneva and with the lovely support from my friends

What a truly fabulous day, on so many counts. I left Christelle’s family this morning, filled with the happiness that our reunion had given me. We stayed up very late last night, chatting and catching up, so lovely. We have a long and rich history together from Greece to Singapore and Switzerland. I met up with Stephane again at the local train station and we headed out together towards the lake under a wonderful sunny sky.

We navigated the first part of the run between the vineyards and the lake shore paths. As we reached Morges, we joined the pedestrians lakeside path that would lead us all the way to Lausanne. That’s where Seng & Justyna met us, along with their young children Olivier and Patrick. They hopped on their bikes and there started another beautiful part of the run, with great friends, amazing landscapes and such wonderful weather. What a joy.

Seng, me, Stephane, Olivier, Justyna, Patrick

We reached Lausanne mid-afternoon, passing by the Olympic Committee Headquarters and finishing at the Olympic Museum. A very arty place, filled with history and symbols, facing the Lake and the Alps, with the Mt Blanc standing tall and majestuous… a very very special place to see. Today was fabulous on all counts and I am very grateful for the many friends who are interested in the journey and coming along to take a part in it.


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Here is the map of today’s run: