From Bretigny (France) to Gland (Switzerland)


Crossing into Switzerland at last! Marvelous sunny and warm day, and a very busy social agenda
Me, Valentin, Stephane

Leaving Bretigny this morning with Stephane by my side under a glorious sun and bright blue sky. Stephane is committed to running 3 days with me – one down two to go! About halfway through, Valentin joined us on a nice country path. Exactly a week ago he cycled a few kilometers with me in France on the way from Dole to Poligny. A pleasure to meet a familiar face again. And, true to himself, he brought me a new box of chocolates!

Seng, me, Justyna

We took a break in Genolier for tea at my friends Seng & Justyna. We used to work together for the same company in Zurich back in 2006. It was really lovely to see each other again, I always wish I had more time available. We parted mid-afternoon after copious amounts of tea and chocolates and I made my way down to the lake, towards Gland. A beautiful environment with the Jura behind, the slopes covered in vineyards, and ahead, Lake Leman and the Mont Blanc in the background. Beautiful but not picture-perfect, the atmosphere was somewhat misty.

Me, Alexia, Christelle, Romain, Gladys, Alexane, Olivia

In Gland I met with my friends Christelle and Romain. I met Christelle in my 20’s in my first assignment in Athens. We were both new in the country and signed up to a sailing course in the sole aim to make friends. We both graduated as skippers, met plenty of people and never sailed again! I am staying at their place tonight and looking forward to the deliciously rich Raclette they have prepared. Lovely to meet so many friends in a day, I am being spoilt!


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