Rest at Fribourg (Switzerland, Europe)

Walking the streets of Fribourg, working on rerouting my itinerary and some more admin tasks

A busy day-off today! As usual I woke up early and took a long stroll through the city. Fribourg is split between “la ville basse” and “la ville haute”, the lower one being by the river bank and the high part is perched on a rocky hill. The town is connected by several impressive bridges built over the Sarine river. The oldest one was built in 1250 and the latest one in 2014.

Both parts of town are very historical, the old town is dubbed the most beautiful city in Switzerland. It certainly is very picturesque and features many buildings of gothic inspiration. The St Nicholas cathedral is set at the heart of the old town. For once I was glad it was closed to tourist visits, so I didn’t get to climb the 363 steps to the summit – though I reckon the view there must be truly amazing.

I spent the rest of the day working. I need to reroute my itinerary as Austria and Germany are not getting any closer to open to tourism. This means somehow doing a loop around Switzerland and … crossing the Alps to enter Italy. Some of France’s regions worst affected by Covid are getting back to lockdown and that includes the south-east region. So, without the possibility to transit via France, I am left with the only option to cross the Alps! I’m drawing the plan, well aware that things may change by the time I get there, as usual…!