Rest at Bourg-en-Bresse (France, Europe)

A welcome rest day, an unfortunate delay and a stroll through the beautiful streets of the city

It’s interesting how colder weather really affects me. I feel more fatigued. I feel more hungry too. And I drink next to nothing. Last week I noticed I drank less than 200ml of water through each run. That’s not a lot ! Of course I do drink more water (or Coca-cola) once I settle, but during the run, all I drink is water and lately it has not been much.

I had planned to spend most of the morning working on my itinerary through Switzerland and into Austria. But a shortage of electricity decided otherwise! Without power I struggled to do anything at all, let alone get some entertainment! It’s lucky I just finished watching all of the “Call my Agent” (or “10%” in French) series and there was nothing else I was particularly looking for. Too bad – I’ll work on my itinerary another day. Meanwhile it was cold and without a heater it became a bit challenging!

I took a nice stroll through Bourg en Bresse. The cathedral, the museum of arts and municipal theatre. The city is beautiful. It was a bit eerie to walk through it, as it was completely deserted… there are some traces of the stringent lockdown measures in effect here. I am looking forward to reaching Geneva. And I know that there is a lot of uphill to go through before I reach it! Yes, I am now entering the Alps territory and I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful mountains by my side as I run through Switzerland. I am also gonna meet some friends along the way and that again is a beautiful thing to look forward to!