From Cousance (France) to Bourg-en-Bresse (France)


A slow run on the undulating road to Bourg en Bresse, running by St Amour on Valentine day

Minus 10 Celsius as I left this morning and that’s not factoring in the SE wind that blew softly all morning. Cold! My nose is getting very irritated, it’s dripping non-stop, it’s a temperature adjustment thing. The faster breathing when running accentuates the issue and well… as I blow or wipe my nose every 5mn, the skin is getting damaged. I’m looking forward to much warmer temperatures next week!

Today the road was fabulous. It being Sunday, there were no trucks on the road and also very little car traffic. The road was empty, wide opened, looking like an invitation to go travel under a bright blue sky and a cold but bright sun! About halfway through the run, I passed by the town of St Amour and I thought it was somewhat ironic as it is Valentine’s day. Well, I’ll be celebrating tonight with my trusted travel companion, BoB the stroller, the truffles gifted to me by Valentin 2 days ago (see Blog # 313) and a glass of wine!

I reached Bourg-en-Bresse today. A city I know only by name, as we drove through it every winter to go to the Alps for the traditional family skiing holiday. I have never stopped by it though. It’s also very close to the city of Lyon, which I ran through mid-December when I restarted the world run post lockdown #2. From Bourg-en-Bresse onwards, I’m going all the way east. The crossing of Switzerland is somewhat guaranteed, as tourist accommodations are open. Let’s see what will come after this!


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Here is the map of today’s run: