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My Run around the world!

The World Runners Association (WRA) is the body that validates around-the-world journeys.
Six people have, to date, succesfully run the world.

  1. The rules of the WRA entail running a minimum distance of 26,232km which equates the sum of the maximal width of all continents.
  2. This must be run in a continuous direction and by crossing a minimum of 4 continents from Ocean to Ocean.
  3. The run also must finish where it started.

I have elected to run these 26,232km across Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America and North Africa.

*Covid19 Update: the itinerary in Europe is being extended as it is currently impossible to enter and/or cross other continents at the moment. From Greece, instead of going straight towards Istanbul, I went north with the intention to reach Germany and make a big loop around Europe. Since then more countries (incl. Germany and Austria) have closed to tourism. I am running wherever is possible at the moment, still with the intention to reach Istanbul by summer 2021.

Details of my run

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From Portugal (Cabo Da Roca) to Turkey (Bosphorus)

(7,806km, 12 2019 – 7 2020)

The first continent crossing is Europe. The run starts in Cabo Da Roca, Portugal, the most Western point of Europe.

Tom Denniss previously started his European crossing from this point. This is fitting to my journey, as I will start in December and try to avoid extreme cold temperatures found further North in Europe at this time of year. I will follow the coastal route of Portugal, Spain, Southern France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Greece and finish the run in Turkey, where the Bosphorus marks the junction between Europe and Asia.


Initial Europe run itinerary


From Perth (Autralia) to Port Macquarie (Australia)

(5,092km, Aug 2020 – Jan 2021)

The second continent crossing is Australia and probably the most daunting of the whole journey. I will be running from Cottesloe on the West coast of Perth, to Port Macquarie on the Eastern side. The route involves some long segments of desertic and unpopulated land, which will require some support. Carrying enough water and food to go through these long stretches alone would be possible but very challenging.


Autralia run itinerary

New Zealand

From Invercargill (New Zealand) to Auckland (New Zealand)

(1,758km, Jan 2021 – Mar 2021)

The next stage will be a run across New Zealand from South to North. Similarly to the Malay Peninsula portion, this part of the run does not qualify as a continent crossing. NZ has been on my to-go list for a long time and this is my best chance to discover this beautiful faraway land from end to end.


New Zealand run itinerary

North America

From Seattle (United States) to New York (United States)

(6,019km, Mar 2021 – Sept 2021)

The third continent crossing is North America. Starting from Seattle, I will follow a route oscillating between the US and Canada and intend to finish at City Island, NY on the East Coast.


North America run itinerary

South America

From Acund (Chile) to Montevideo (Uruguay)

(3,486km, Sep 2021 – Dec 2021)

The fourth and final continent crossing is South America. Starting South of Chile in Acund, I will work my way North towards Valparaiso, then cross the Andes towards Argentina, finishing my run in Montevideo Uruguay.


South America run itinerary