From Nantua (France) to Bellegarde (France)


The shortest running day of the world run and a splendid entry into Alps territory! Last run in France

Today felt like a really lazy day on the road… and it sure was one! The shortest run of the world run. I stayed in bed longer, took my time as anyway I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to check-in in Bellegarde before 1pm. A few kilometers into the run I passed by the “Glacieres de Sylans”. It is by the side of this lake that in 1864 Joachim Moinat (owner of the local “Paradise Cafe”) decided to serve his lemonade icy cold with ice gathered from the lake. It then became the first and only ice supplier for all of France, from Paris to Lyon and Marseille. A success story and surely a beautiful lake to run by!

The weather was beautiful today, blue sky, sun shining through. Unfortunately for me I was shaded by the mountains for most of the run. I was going up on a sinuous road and couldn’t wait to get “on the other side” whatever that would be. And it happened on a turn, a few kilometers out of Bellegarde: all of a sudden, the Alps were in front of my eyes! Beautiful with their summit covered in snow, glowing in the sunlight, what a sight! I am looking forward to running over the next few weeks with these majestic mountains as a background.

Crossing into Switzerland tomorrow, the 15th country of the world run. That means: another Covid test to perform. I know the drill now, I have taken so many. It is still very unpleasant and doesn’t get any better over time. In my case it invariably makes me cry! Anyhow, the test is negative thankfully. I will be meeting with my friends Stephane and Ioanna tomorrow in Geneva and it’s important to make sure I am safe as regards the virus.


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Here is the map of today’s run: