Day 3 – EU – Portugal [Setubal to Grandola]

Run: 41.4km

A wet and misty day! I left my hotel in Setubal just as the night rain stopped. It was still quite dark as I reached the ferry port.

On a side note: all kms not travelled by running (eg: ferries and planes) are not included in the world run. This is why yesterday’s and today’s run, as they include ferry crossings, are recorded in two parts (part one: to the ferry port, part two: from the arrival port to my final destination).

Anyway, as I reached Sol Troia (on the Peninsula Troia, further South of Lisbon and Setubal), I was greeted by a lovely road, wide and bordered by pine trees and sand. The road is literally wedged between two sand dunes, with the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the estuary to the East.
There was no traffic at all, all I could hear were the sounds of the waves crashing in the sand and the many birds chattering about.

The run was totally flat for about 25km, which came as a relief for BoB and I. I had been worried that, with the extra weight on, plus the constant running on cobblestones since Lisbon, he was taking on way above what it was designed for. Today was much smoother – and for my arms too!

I then switched from a seaside run to a hilly run, as I got through the many wineries of the areas. Though the elevation ain’t much (383m), the landscape changed dramatically, and I ended the run in the fog, with a light and persistent rain.

Lucky me tonight, as I got to spend the night in a wineyard estate! Let see what the Serenada Enoturismo estate has got in its cave, I think I will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here are the maps (2 parts) of today’s run: