Day 284 – EU – France [Forges-Les-Eaux to Grandvilliers]

13th January 2021
Run: 33.7km

Another day in Normandy, accompanied by the typical Normandy drizzle and fog

This is one feature of Normandy I haven’t missed over the past 22 years: its famous drizzle and fog! It has been raining non-stop since I left Rouen on Tuesday morning and looking at the weather forecast, it should remain this way till the end of the week. I have upped my safety paraphernalia as I am now carrying two backlights and one front light on BoB the stroller in addition to my high-vis attire.

I could barely see ahead of me throughout the run, it was a landscape of fields left and right, mostly flat. This region of France is known for its flatlands and bad weather! Not many picture opportunities along the way. I passed by a few small villages, the region is very rural and not densely populated.

I was glad today was a low mileage day. With the rain and cold I have less opportunities to take breaks, sit down and enjoy my surroundings as I do in mild or hot weather. I find I need to be on the move throughout the run as it takes too long to warm again once I have stopped. I should get used to it as the next two months are likely to be even colder!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: