Day 283 – EU – France [Rouen to Forges-Les-Eaux]

12th January 2021
Run: 42.3km

Bidding farewell to my hometown and meeting friends on the road on a very rainy day

The past week has been very energising. I felt it this morning as I prepared to hit the road. Though it was rainy and grey, I felt full of good vibes. I am also aware that I am gonna have to work a lot to re-route my itinerary, as it is becoming quite clear that Germany’s tourism accommodations will not be open by the time I intend to enter the country. Again, this is part of my journey, this will not spoil my joy.

I was fairly cold, wet and shaking by the 12th kilometer and I was overjoyed to get to ring the bell of my former schoolmate Fanny’s home in Quincampoix. We sat by the fire as she made me a cup of hot tea and in no time I was ready to get going again. I could easily have stayed there all day, chatting by the fire, Lilou the kitten sleeping on my lap! But there were another 30kms to run and the rain was just getting heavier and heavier.

I arrived in Forges-Les-Eaux, a town mostly known for its Casino. It usually brings a lot of tourism, every day of the year. It was strange to see the city fairly deserted, thanks to the pandemic. I had a last surprise today, as my best friend Stephanie drove all the way from Rouen with her eldest son Hugo to meet me over for a picnic lunch! That was a real treat. I do stay in touch with all my friends with Whatsapp mostly, but it doesn’t replace meeting in person.

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