Day 282 – EU – France [Rest Day in Rouen]

11th January 2021
Run: 0km

Last rest day in France, last day with the family

Over the course of the past week, I have visited my three siblings’ families as well as my parents. This was not planned to happen during the world run and it came as a great surprise. To finish this family-tour in my hometown of Rouen was the pinnacle of the week. I appreciated the day off today as I am preparing to run towards northern and central Europe.

The uncertainty of the measures yet to come in relation to Covid19 in the countries I am about to cross is still looming around. I am not sure, once again, what awaits me and how long I will be free to run on the roads of Europe. All I can do is be cautious, abide by the rules and keep running for as long as I can.

My desire to be on the journey as well as the pleasure I draw from it are still intact and I feel as fresh and energised as I was on day one!