Day 279 – EU – France [Mantes-La-Jolie to Evreux]

08th January 2021
Run: 46km

Beautiful sunny day on the quiet country roads of Normandie, some black ice and arrival at my parents

I left Mantes-La-Jolie on cycling paths this morning. I was glad not to share the road with cars as I was swerving around patches of black ice that made it quite challenging to run on a straight line. Less than 7km into the run I made my way to country roads which really were quite deserted by cars and any other traffic in general.

I battled a little bit with Google Maps. The application kept sending me on paths that often were nothing more than a mud trail or a simple field with no marked path. I guess for a hiker or runner without any equipment it may be fine. But in my case, pushing a 30kgs stroller in these conditions, this is quite an adjustment to go and run on muddy fields!

I arrived in Evreux and stopped my GPS shortly after km46. Another day, another cathedral! My parents waited for me in their car, to drive me for the night in their country house. They will drop me back tomorrow, at the same point, so I can restart my run continuously. I am now on familiar grounds, running the roads of Normandie which I have cycled and driven extensively before I left the country two decades ago.

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: