Day 277 – EU – France [Rest Day in Conflans]

06th January 2021
Run: 0km

Family time in Conflans, playing pinball tournaments, board games – rest and relaxation in the comfort of a well heated house

It had been a long time since I last enjoyed some family time! Today was a totally lazy day, spent indoors for the most part, playing games and spending time with my nephew and two nieces. They totally beat me at pinball and other games and we had loads of fun.

Today is, in the French tradition “Galette des Rois” day: the day of the “Kings’ cake”. Typically a french pastry filled with a rich creamy almond paste. A little figurine is hidden inside the cake, and whoever finds it in his slice must choose his King or Queen, to whom he gives the paper-crown that is served with the cake. My nephew Clement drew the figurine and I got the privilege to be crowned Queen.

Note: Tom Denniss, the Australian man who completed a run around the world in 2013, is re-publishing on his blog, his world-run blogs (since 31st December, the day when he started in 2011). Interestingly today he is also publishing an article he published back in the days about being a heel or forefoot striker. I realised I have done exactly the same as he did (change my landing style before the world run) for the same reasons and in the same time frame (3 months). I surely must have first read about it in his book. I recommend his posts which you can find here: