Day 275 – EU – France [Rambouillet to Montrouge]

04th January 2021
Run: 48km

Foggy and snowy day across the forests of the Natural Parc of the Haute-Cheveuse and arriving at the gate of the capital city: Paris

It was gently snowing as I left this morning. Nothing that would stay on the ground, but enough to feel like snow as it hit my face. It was fairly cold! I ran on “departementales” (french secondary roads) which almost all had a cycling lane, it was very safe.

Past the halfway point as I exited Gif-Sur-Yvette towards Saint-Aubin, I had to go through 3km on a narrow road crossing a forest. A Police car stopped me. I explained what I was doing and they decided to follow me with their lights on until I’d reach the safety of the next cycling path. It was pretty cool! They even shouted words of encouragement through the loudspeaker fitted on their roof, that was ace!

I am staying tonight in Montrouge, south gate of Paris, where my younger brother Antoine lives. He doesn’t like to appear on pictures, the best I could do was a shot of the back of his head! We are posing in front of the statue in honor of “Coluche” France’s most famous and adored funny-man (the statue is that of his famous striped dungarees) who was from Montrouge. He was a comedian, an actor who started along the likes of Gerard Depardieu and a generation of actors that was to mark french movie history for ever. 

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