Day 256 – EU – Slovenia [Zgornja Polskava to Maribor]

04th November 2020
Run: 31km

Final run before lockdown #2, rainy, grey and cold – but a photographer’s visit brightened up the day

I don’t mind running in the rain. I am well equipped with waterproof garments and if they keep me warm and dry enough, I am fine all the way. Today was rainy all the way. I was running on secondary roads, trails and (as I approached Maribor) cycling paths. Maribor is the second biggest city of Slovenia and the last one before the Austrian border.

Halfway through the run I received a message from another photographer who wanted to meet me on the road. I happily agreed, I could do with some distraction today! Ana met me outside of Loka and followed me for a few kilometers, filming and taking snaps on the way. I was sorry it was on such a rainy day – but seeing the shots, she did a fabulous job!

I am stopping my run (momentarily) in Maribor and many of you have asked for the metrics so far. As an indication, they are available publicly on Garmin (top right of the screen, click on the Garmin icon to access my data). But to sum it up, as of today, here they are:

  • 256 Journey Days
  • 218 running days [and 38 rest days]
  • 8,734km run
  • 962 hours of running
  • 84,000 m+ elevation [it’s like 9.5 times Mount Everest!!]
  • 9.1 kph average
  • 40.1 km per running day
  • Injuries: none
  • Mood: very happy when running! 

I will resume when it is free again to travel around in Europe- and when it is deemed safe to do so by the powers that be.

I’ve had only 5 months straight of running since 4th June, when I resumed my run in Pisa Italy following Lockdown #1. Let’s hope that next time I hit the road, it will be uninterrupted till the end this time! It’s all good and I do not mind the break. I’ve gone through it once and I’ve learned that I should not worry about being in shape when it restarts. As long as I keep running, I’ll be ready.

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: