Day 253 – EU – Slovenia [Kamnik to Vransko]

01st November 2020
Run: 41km

Foggy start, lockdown morning news and awesome welcome into Vransko

I didn’t get to enjoy much of my surroundings in the first two hours of the run this morning, everything was covered in very thick fog. It eventually cleared up and I enjoyed blue sky, sunshine and running in my t-shirt again. I ran heading east today, parallel to the Kamnik Alps that provided wonderful sights in the late morning.

In the news this morning was the announcement of Austria’s Chancellier regarding the upcoming lockdown. I knew this was coming. I ran all day with “Mr Tambourine Man” playing in my head, the appeal of freedom. “I’m ready to go anywhere”, “And but for the sky there are no fences facing”. Well, there are obviously a few fences at the moment and our freedom isn’t that of Dylan’s character! But the song was uplifting and kept my spirits up throughout the run.

“Let me forget about today until tomorrow”.

Meanwhile: I keep running! I have three more runs ahead of me. I will take the world run to a temporary halt when I reach Maribor, the closest town to the Austrian border. Then head into confinement, as nearly all Europeans by now. As I did in Lockdown #1, I will stop the metrics of the world run and resume them as soon as I am able to hit the road again.

My hosts today are amazingly welcoming. It’s Sunday and all shops are closed. One of the lockdown rules is that all shops must remain closed on Sunday (except petrol stations). Milca offered me eggs, fruits and a delicious bottle of freshly pressed apple juice (from the garden). It nicely complements my food reserves. My eating habits have been somewhat disturbed by the closure of restaurants and missing my one cooked-meal a day.

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: