Day 251 – EU – Slovenia [Rest Day in Ljubljana]

30th October 2020
Run: 0km

Day 2 of the Ljubljana extended break with beautiful weather conditions

I am glad I got to spend one more day in the city. Ljubljana is one of these cities that is instantly very pleasant. The architecture is extraordinary and pleasing to the eye, the streets are not packed but spacious, wide pedestrian alleys, green parks and squares – and maybe thanks to Covid19 measures, not crowded at all. I must have taken a hundred pictures. It was 15 Celsius and it felt somewhat summery! 

I took the opportunity to complete the fixing of BoB the stroller. Even after I changed the bearings on the wheels, I noticed they were still noisy. Upon inspection it became clear that some spokes were wobbly and needed tightening. I went to a bike shop and… two spokes broke in the repair process! The store could not find any spare ones, therefore I will wait till I pass by another big city (Graz) to find replacement spokes. I am running on roads (no trails or dust tracks) until Graz, so hopefully I won’t be putting much pressure on the wheels.

Meanwhile the Covid19 situation in Europe is getting worse every day. In the “Re-Open EU” website, which I read daily, all the continental Europe countries (saved for Greece) have now turned in the “red” classification (France and Austria show grey on the map but they are officially red). France and Germany are back into national lockdowns and it seems that this is the way forward for most countries at the moment.