Day 250 – EU – Slovenia [Rest Day in Ljubljana]

29th October 2020
Run: 0km

Day 1 of a two days break in Ljubljana and a beautiful walk through the stunning capital city

Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful European capital cities I have seen. I walked around the city centre, set either side of the Ljubljanica river; the Dragon bridge, Preseren Square and the triple bridge; the Cathedral and churches – all crowned by the Castle, set majestically on top of a hill overlooking the city.

There is still a lot more to see of the city and it is convenient that I exceptionally get two days off. It is not difficult to imagine how buzzing with activity the city must be in normal times. There are so many cafes and restaurants lining the river front, all closed now of course. I spotted a few outdoors markets, vegetables and fruits, but the attendance was low. Everyone wearing masks and keeping their distance. This is the reality of Europe under the second wave of Covid19.

I will spend more time tomorrow working on my plan – essentially going through the list of the options available to me. Meanwhile BoB the stroller was showing signs of fatigue, having clocked nearly 10,000km (I started using it prior to the start of the world run). Last week I replaced eight rivets that were about to break. I also now had to change the bearings of both back wheels. And it being an american product… of course the bearings were not standard EU size and it was a bit of an adventure to find the perfect fit to replace all 4 bearings!

I have posted a few photos of Ljubljana in the Gallery page (Instagram feed).