Day 249 – EU – Slovenia [Ivancna Gorica to Ljubljana]

28th October 2020
Run: 33km

A fine day on the road and arriving in the capital city for some rest and reflection

The sky cleared up this morning as I started running. I ran through a few forests on the way which were magnificent. The bright red, orange, yellow and green of the leaves creating an exuberant festival of colours. Having spent the past 7 years in Singapore, this is my first autumn season in a long while. And the countryside of Slovenia is quite the ideal place to enjoy it!

As the sky cleared up, problems started brewing in my head which I will need to address in the next two days in Ljubljana. Slovenia is officially, since yesterday, in a national lockdown. I am only allowed to move in the country because I am a foreigner who has been admitted in the country to “transit through”. A condition of entry into the next country (Austria) is that I should have spent at least 10 days in Slovenia. Hence the reason I added an extra rest day in Ljubljana, otherwise my crossing would just have been 9 days. And as most hotels are now shutting down, re-routing the itinerary and finding accommodation elsewhere is almost impossible.

In the current situation, there are a few risks. I could be turned down at the Austrian border on the ground that my travel is non essential. The rules for entering Austria may well change by the time I reach the border. I could be stopped from moving from one region of Slovenia to the other. Many things can happen. I keep moving because I still can, it is still legitimate and I don’t mingle with anyone at all. But it does look like the world run may very well soon go through another imposed break. I am getting mentally prepared for it.

I will stay in Ljubljana over the next two days and hopefully get to visit, with my mask on, this historical and cultural capital city. This is my first stay here and the little I have seen today was very beautiful. More about it tomorrow.

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