Day 2 – EU – Portugal [Lisbon to Setubal]

Run: 36km

A day of many contrasts today. I left Lisbon by Ferry, after a 8km run on the seafront, passing by some awesome pieces of rock balancing art.

I had wanted to cross on one of the bridges and was stunned to learn that none allow pedestrians (except on special days and today wasn’t one of these).
So, I took the ferry for a 30mn crossing to Barreiro and some waiting time. All together around 1hr break.
I should have planned better. I was very sweaty by the time I got to the ferry, and sitting 1hr in my wet clothes got me real cold. Lesson learnt for tomorrow’s second ferry crossing.
Once on the other side, I had to fit around traffic, as the sidewalks were often not wide enough for BoB.

We also had some serious uphill to tackle and this is now final: BoB will have to go through an austerity diet! It will be too harduous to carry all that weight, and I’m pretty sure I can easily cut a good third of the weight I’m currently carrying.

The landscapes were mesmerizing, and leaving the seaside to go up the mountains and down on some trails was just magical and very peaceful.

All in all, a very good second day.

And this one is dedicated to my friend Gautier, who so much wanted to be part of the run. Gautier left us this morning after a long battle with cancer, and I will carry a bit of him throughout the world run.

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here are the maps (2 parts) of today’s run: