Day 1 – EU – Portugal [Cabo Da Roca to Lisbon]

Run: 42.6km

It’s started! What a joy!
The past months, then weeks, then days, all seemed to last an eternity. It was like time had slowed down and D-Day was always further away.
Well, not today!
My parents and I stayed in a little village, just outside of Cabo da Roca, and we left at 7am, as my plan was to start running at 7:30am
It was cold (10 Celsius) and windy when we got there. We took a couple of pictures, with my stroller (BoB) and the flag of Women for Women International (the Charity I’m raising funds for).

I had planned to shoot a little video, for the records, with my parents in it too. But it was so cold I was starting to shake and had to get going.
The day started with 4km of uphill, in the mountains, as the sun rose in the background. It was stunning. It then went downhill, nicely, towards the seaside, on a winding road lined up by forests of pine trees and eucalyptus, making for a delightful fragrant run!
As I reached the seaside, I got on to the cycling path and was sheltered from cars from this point on. Endless rows of surfers and SUP’ers provided a welcome distraction from the run itself, hypnotised by the gigantic waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

I then noticed the weight.
In all my training-runs in self-sufficiency, I always pushed my stroller (BoB). BoB is about 12kgs, and I carried a bag and camping gear amounting to round about 8kgs.
Right now, the bag I am carrying in BoB is about 15kgs.
It makes a huge difference!
Last night I weighed the bag at 19kgs and I decided to unload 4kgs of equipment to leave with my parents.
I find it quite difficult to gauge exactly what I will be using. Especially as winter in Europe can potentially get quite cold, and I need to be prepared for it.
In 15 days, I will meet with my family again, in Seville, for Christmas. This will be an opportunity to further adjust the quantity of things I really need.
So, yes, I noted the weight.

It required more efforts on flats as there was less momentum. More efforts on downhill as I had to hold the load and engage my core muscles (of which I don’t have much!). And more efforts on uphill, reduced to near walking on some occasions.
Well… maybe just a marathon a day is not enough – I figure, I’ll adjust somehow…
Halfway through my run, I met Mum and Dad one last time, for a breakfast on the go. We indulged in some local pastries and a hot chocolate. They then headed back to the airport and I was suddenly very aware of being on my own… on my own journey… how exciting!
I took in all the sights, followed the coastal road till just outside of Lisbon, and crashed in a little bed and breakfast, with my room on the 4th floor, without a lift.
Well, I guess a marathon a day is not enough… have I said that already? I’m gonna have to get used to it!
Tonight I’m taking in the sights of the Torre de Belem, which is literally glowing in the glory of this evening’s sunset!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: