Day 207 – EU – Greece [Rest Day in Transit]

16th September 2020
Run: 0km

Day 1 of a two days break to sort out my logistics and equipment to get ready for Winter in Central Europe

Today I spent the day at my friend Lisa’s near Athens. Lisa has served as a collection point for a few essential things.


The bank sent me my new credit card (the current one has been blocked for fraud for about a month). My mum sent me a parcel with all my winter running clothes (which I had left in France during the lockdown). I will send back my summer clothes. I also took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping for BoB the stroller and for myself: all my socks have holes in it, it was time for a change!

Lisa is a fabulous cook and staying at her place means getting treated with brunches, lunches and dinners of exquisite quality! In great company of course 🙂

She’s also been experimenting with recipes of energy bars and cakes (sweet and savoury) which I will be taking in my bag for the next days of running. Lucky me!