Day 200 – EU – Greece [Volos to Neo Perivolo]

09th September 2020
Run: 37.5km

Fellow runners of the Volos Running Club accompanied me out of Volos, on a flat and agricultural run towards Larissa

I met with 4 runners outside the Museum of Natural History of Volos at 6am: Kostas, Maria, Lena and another Kostas. I like these early starts with company. I notice how everyone is very excited and chatty in the early kilometers, a nice addition to my day. I was gifted yet another t-shirt (my collection is growing steadily!) this one of a colour close to mine, a very bright pink tone, very visible, to my taste. The crew followed me for 7km, with one of the Kostas, head of the Club, following me until km12 before turning back.

I was a bit sorry this morning as the whole crew ran with me on the most unpleasant part of the route. The first 12km out of Volos were extremely busy, on a road where cars drove fast: the industrial area of Volos (very large). I was concerned for everyone’s safety. It is tempting to run side by side to chat along. But the danger of the speeding cars, in the dark, was overwhelming and I made sure we ran in a line.

After km12, I veered off to a quiet road that ran parallel to the main road for a while, then cross country. The road was narrow, without a shoulder. I was surprised to see quite a lot of trucks. I then learned that the main road has a toll and that those wanting to avoid the 4 Euro charge keep on using the small road – making it quite unsafe. I saw today the aftermaths of an accident involving cars and trucks, which would have happened not long before I passed. Quite scary!

I stopped my run near Neo Perivoli. This is the first time I am making such an arrangement: there is no hotel or accommodation between Volos and Larissa (over 60km run). I therefore chose to stop somewhere near the 40km mark, took a bus to Larissa to stay for the night and will return in the morning to the same bus stop to resume the run. There is indeed not much between the two cities: cotton and cereal fields as far as the eye can see!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: