Day 199 – EU – Greece [Rest Day in Volos]

08th September 2020
Run: 0km

A warm welcome from Volos running club, sampling the local delicacies and looking after the equipment

Kostas, from the Volos running club, took things in his hands as he learnt of my running and stopping by his city. He arranged a meeting at a local cafe with a few club members, another one with a journalist, got an article published in the daily news (front page!) and published an announcement to get me company on the road for tomorrow. I am very honoured to have met him and members of the club, I am really enjoying meeting more and more people on the road!

Besides this wonderful welcome, I also managed to get around the city, especially the wonderful seaside promenade. The port is lined up by cafes and “tsipouro places”. Tsipouro is a local spirit, like Ouzo, and is served as an aperitif with accompanying mezes: small plates of local vegetables, fish and other delicacies of the region. Sampling these whilst looking out at the sea on a sunny day… what else…!

As in any rest day, I spent some time looking after my equipment. BoB the stroller is of particular concern to me. He has been my running companion for over 7,000km now (I started running with it a year before I started the world run). My only wish is that he lasts me the whole world-run and I am doing my best to take good care of it. Fingers crossed it will be enough.

I also bought a new pair of runners: the previous ones just hit 2,100km since I got them in Dubrovnik! A record so far. All other pairs had to be changed after about 1,500km. I was quite chuffed to find exactly the same model at the local shop: it’s the first time I’m buying the same pair twice (I tend to always change as I have no patience for shopping in general). I notice how the part of the shoe that is the most used is under the ball of the foot – sign that I keep to the style I developed in the year prior to starting the run: a front foot striker. This pair is also quite cheap: 70 Euro in Dubrovnik / 90 Euro here in Volos. That’s the cheapest per km I’ve run since the start of the journey! 

I am looking forward, as always, to being back on the road tomorrow. I will head towards Thessaloniki, which will be my final pit-stop in Greece before I enter Bulgaria. Time flies…