Day 100 – EU – France [Avignon to Bollene]

14th March 2020
Run: 49km

On the road again, on a sunny and windy day – nature getting ready for Spring on the world run’s 100th day

It felt really good to hit the road again this morning. Amongst this tragic pandemic that is sweeping the world at the moment, there is no place I feel safer than on the road, in nature, on my own. I breathe pure fresh air whilst doing the healthiest exercise possible. How I wish I could keep doing this through the crisis…

It had been three rest days since my last run, but as soon as I started running, it felt like there hadn’t been a break. It is a strange phenomenon: the fact that I’m on a journey to run around the world is only tangible, or comprehensible, whilst I run. As soon as I stop running, even for just 1 rest day, it becomes once again just an idea, something vague in my mind with no tangible reality.

I think it has to do with the fact that my body doesn’t (yet) bear any marks of the repeated daily efforts. I don’t have blisters, bruised nails, cramps, I don’t look gaunt, I maintain a healthy weight, I walk normally. I had a similar feeling when I was doing my preparatory back-to-back marathons over the past 2 years. Every time I was back at work the next Monday, being just fine, it sometimes felt like it hadn’t happened.

Anyway today was the 100th day of the journey (84 runs, 40km/day average) and I truly saw the change in the landscape. Flowers and trees are starting to bloom, many more colors in the fields, birds chirping everywhere. It was a sunny day. Let’s hope for more to come!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: