Day 99- EU – France [Fast Train to Avignon]

13th March 2020
Run: 0km

Finally reaching the point of re-start, eager to get going again after the 3 days break

French President announced yesterday the closure of all schools and universities. Ordered the eldest to stay home and minimise their trips outside home to groceries and “getting some fresh air”. Asked companies to send their employees on home working. Forbid public gatherings. No specific measures have been taken yet on border controls. But this point is being addressed at Schengen level.

Switzerland has also announced closure of schools, home working and no public gatherings. Border control will also be the next step. 

I can only continue running as long as:

1- borders are opened,

2- movements are allowed,

3- hotels are operating.

When this is no longer the case (as was the case in Italy) then I have to stop the run.

For the next 10 days, I am running in my homeland, France. From Avignon to the border with Switzerland, Geneva. These 10 days “should” be doable. 

I will spend these next 10 days of running planning how to handle the situation from the perspective of the world run. My intention is to keep going. If the current pandemic means that I have to be grounded for 2 or 3 months, so be it. I am getting mentally prepared for it, and meanwhile, will enjoy every day on the road.

My philosophy is to play the cards I’m dealt. Agility and flexibility are key!