Day 98- EU – France [Transit in Paris]

12th March 2020
Run: 0km

Mask, gloves and isolation – re-routing all the logistics… and the risks ahead

I got shocked yesterday. I left Italy, a country in full lockdown, with visibly enforced measures of sanitary precautions. The plane I was in (from Rome) landed in Paris. No announcement of any nature was made on board. We got off the plane. Picked up our luggage. And were left to wander around without any form of control, questions or instructions (even as simple as the one I attach here). How terribly inadequate did it seem.

I did my best to keep sanitary distances until I reached my accomodation in Paris. There, my mum had left a mask and gloves for me. I was glad to meet with my folks again, but this was done in mask, gloves, no kissing on the cheeks (“la bise”) and staying appart. I even considered not meeting with them at all. They are in their 70’s and the thought of potentially transmitting the virus to them was unbearable. We kept our reunion very safe.

I am heading to my new route tomorrow, or “plan B” as I call it. It’s a lovely route through stunning parts of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, which I am quite familiar with. I also am very aware that by the time I reach Switzerland (23rd March) most likely all these countries will have adopted the same sanitary containment measures as Italy, and I will probably have to head back “home” to Paris.

I am getting prepared for a possible 2 to 3 months hiatus – and I need to plan for some activity as it would not be reasonable to stay idle, by any means. I know what my mind will wander about over the next 10 days of running!