Day 97- EU – Italy/France [Flying to France out of Italy]

11th March 2020
Run: 0km

Leaving Italy behind – and the eerie journey from Pisa to Rome Airport

Today I’m flying to Paris. This is quite an adventure in itself. My initial flight out of Pisa has been cancelled. I found another flight to France out of Rome. A 4hrs train journey away from Pisa. To make it possible, the hotel had to issue me with an official pass, so I could move around freely, stating the reason for my travel out of Pisa.

The train station in Pisa was empty. I was all alone. A handful of people joined me in the train on the Florence-Rome segment.

I looked out the window, nothing was happening, the country looked dead. Next to no traffic on the road. No cars moving around towns. No people in the streets. The only people I saw wore masks and gloves. People stayed away from each other. Train personnel walking around with a bottle of disinfectant, spraying around all doors and ramps.

At the airport. I just saw a group of 10 teenagers get scolded by Police for sitting all together at the cafe. They have now spread around, sitting two by two, the 1m sanitary distance between them.

Coming from a region of Italy not too badly affected by the virus, I won’t be required to go through self isolation. I will however check my temperature twice a day and wear a mask for the next 14 days when in public places. There is no knowing if I may carry the virus and not display obvious signs of sickness.