Day 68 – EU – France [Rivesaltes to Port La Nouvelle]

11th February 2020
Run: 37km

Storm Ciara, gale force winds, angry motorists, pink flamingos and a welcome rest in Port La Nouvelle

I crossed through the “Corbieres” region of France today. Corbieres boasts to be the “windiest region of Europe, alongside Northern Scotland”. I sort of have an idea, having lived 7 years in Scotland. It can indeed get very windy up there, though what I remember is that… it only had about 60 days of sunshine a year… which made for 300ish somewhat miserable days to someone who loves nothing more than being outdoors!!

Anyway, the wind was mind blowing… and BoB-blowing too. I struggled to keep control, had to keep both hands on the handlebar at all times. At times I was truly scared for myself. I had been passed by loads of trucks, carrying somewhat gravity defying items. The scariest one carried a load of big size plastic pools, held vertically. As the truck passed me, the wind blow was so strong BoB got literally swung to the right and I had to dive in to save it from tipping over in the ditch.

A tiring day on the road. Tomorrow is a day-off. I have a school video-conference in the morning, with a Swiss School. I am really looking forward to this exchange with the children.

One thing I want to do tomorrow is to get back to the place where I spotted hundreds of Pink Flamingos on the lake – and take pictures. I could not take any snaps today as the road was narrow and busy. Everytime I tried to stop and snap, I got honked at and shouted at. Today… people in general were not very happy to see me on the road. Can I blame them? Not quite. What they think they see is a “Mom pushing a baby in a stroller”. So when they see this, on a narrow road with gale force winds… they legitimately get worried.

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: