Day 65 – EU – Spain [Torroella De Montgri to Figueres]

8th February 2020
Run: 37km

Last day in Spain! In Figueres tonight, hometown of Salvador Dali, before leaving the country behind

Another tranquil day on the Catalan plains, flat and quiet. Though what lurks behind is the Pyreneans mountain chain, today’s run was all flat, going through vineyards and some more stone built villages.


The arrival in Figueres was a very pleasant and awaited surprise. Figueres is the last big town before the Pyreneans and the crossing to France. Being the hometown of Salavador Dali, it features many of his sculptures scattered through the city, as well as a museum which Dali himself had designed and other museums displaying his art.



I skipped the museum visit to go get some rest, but I am looking forward to seeing the sights of the Castell De Sant Ferran and Eglesia de Sant Pere tonight, as well as the Rambla. Figueres would have been a perfect place to have a day-off, with so much culture around.

11 days in Portugal followed by 54 days in Spain… and tomorrow a new country. I can’t help but feel extremely lucky about how extremely well everything is panning out so far. I know that, the whole trip being a two years affair, things are bound to change and eventually I will hit some really tough times. One more reason to celebrate the good times and rejoyce that things are so well underway!

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