Day 40 – EU – Spain [Cartagena to San Pedro Del Pinatar]

14th January 2020
Run: 39.5km

24th day of sunshine! Headed towards the “Little Sea” (Mar Menor) the largest coastal seawater lagoon in Europe

24 days of sunshine in a row. I feel incredibly lucky to be running under blue sky and bright and warm sun every day for the past 24 days. The last rain was the day I had reached Seville, on the 21st of December. I realised it this morning, as I saw rain on my weather-forecast app, for the first time in a very long time. I was shocked! The rain is planned for the end of the week… so not to worry just now!

The weather has been an important part of my planning for this world run. I was keen to avoid extreme cold and extreme heat as much as possible. The decision to start with the crossing of Europe in December is driven by the next continent (Australia) which I would like to start crossing in winter time (especially the desert part). And that’s how the decision was made to follow the Southern part of Europe and avoid places where it would have likely been cold.

I have enjoyed the day greatly. There was no “obvious” challenge, such as major uphills, today, so I took in all the sights and headed to the lagoon from Cartagena the quickest way I could: via Los Urrutias. The joy of running seaside in perfect conditions: no wind, no uphill… it almost felt too easy… but it sure was beautiful!

Tomorrow is a day off and I intend to explore the place a little more thoroughly. It’s quite baffling to think it’s already been 6 weeks. I am feeling really good, lucky too, I enjoy every day and… still wake up every morning way ahead of the alarm clock! May this last as long as possible, I had never imagined it would start off so well… Rest assured I enjoy it while it lasts!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: