Day 35 – EU – Spain [Isleta Del Moro to Carboneras]

9th January 2020
Run: 37km

Back on the road in a pair of new comfy shoes – and all my worries vanish!

I had committed to taking it easier this week, and cut kms whenever possible as well as uphills. I was scared that the few stinges in the ankles I experienced two days ago, would come back to haunt me.

As I left Isleta Del Moro this morning, I knew that most of today’s 500m+ elevation would occur within the first 13km. I took it very easy. Whenever the uphill was too steep for my comfort, I switched to a power walk instead. The landscapes were absolutely gorgeous. I took many pictures along the way, the colours of the sunrise reflecting on the mountain range was stunning and forever changing in hues that were more amazing every single minute! Hard to focus on the run in such circumstances.

I was very focused on cues from my body. I try not to be paranoid about them, but I like to listen to them all. Then, pretty much like an e-mail Inbox, there is a lot of “junk” mail. You’ve gotta sort out what is news and what is bogus. Sometimes, a little discomfort here or there can be addressed with a simple move. Tie your shoe a little less tight. Remove a stone. Re-adjust your landing move… And sometimes it is a bit more mysterious. And you should always investigate. If not, given the amount I run, it could become catastrophic. So, my job is to listen, sort out, investigate and resolve. And my motto is: ”If it remains uncomfortable, it ain’t sustainable!”.

Anyhow, I was listening, but nothing came from my ankles. I am pretty sure now that whatever I felt two days ago, came from the lack of form of the old shoes. I will still be cautious in the next couple of days, and watch the mileage and elevation profile, to minimize both. But I am growing more confident that there is no real issue with my feet.

Today’s run was very quiet, away from traffic. I ran on trails for a few kilometers, which I haven’t done for some time, and it was really pleasant. This region has astonished me for its perfect conditions, temperatures and blue skies. Yesterday, my host told me they get about 3 days of rain per year…! I am not surprised how the landscapes had sometimes reminded me of Australia, and how dry the vegetation looks.

As I walked the pretty streets of Carboneras tonight, I saw a bust of Eddie Fowlie. Eddie was a renowned cinematographer who has contributed to many movies. He worked alongside David Lean on his movies, some of them shot in Spain, such as Dr Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia! It was a surprise to see a monument in his honour in such a small village [this is the place where he eventually retired and died]. Such an unexpected discovery…!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: