I have now left Singapore, which has been my home for most of the past 7 years. I am now in transit through France for a week, where my family and childhood friends are based, to reunite quickly before embarking on my journey.

Nerves have been playing up a bit over the past month. I am fairly accustomed to moving countries to settle in various places. It is a very different concept to leave a place (by choice) to become an itinerant vagabond, bound for homelessness.

The thrill of the unknown and the excitement of the upcoming journey. Moments of elation followed by moments of doubts. My sense of time is wildly shrinking and expanding, making it difficult to grasp the measure of what I am about to start.

I left work for the final time last Friday, thinking about what it would feel like not to have to go to the office for the next few years. Am I prepared for this and how does one get ready for such a thing?

People ask me: “are you ready?”. How to answer such a question. I don’t know that it is quite possible to say: “I am ready to run 650 marathons over the next two years”. There are so many unknown. All I can say is that I gave my best shot at getting ready!

I feel an intense yearning to get started. All I have done until now is talk about it and get on with the preparations. I want the real thing. I want to be in it.

1 more week of talking, of training, of wondering what ifs, and then,… I will let the Road give me more questions and time to ponder on the answers!